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February 23rd, 2007
05:54 pm


Sick shit on ebay
some sick tee's for sale


Help fund Legion merch and help me to go on tour. BID HARD!

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February 13th, 2007
02:57 pm


28 shows, 28 days.
Back from tour. I leave again March 6th for about a month and a half. Hit me up to hang out, i want to see everyone and chill a lot before i leave again. Legion in full effect, ATL on the 26th. If anyone has any idea of a job or some work i could do for some $$$ that wouldn't care about me leaving in another 3 weeks hit me up. Do work son.

Current Music: Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun

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January 10th, 2007
11:15 pm


Me and Jeff are about to head out to Houston then tour with Die Young on the West coast for a month. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to a few people but i'll be back before you know it.
Keep in touch:
AIM: Kayhan666
Email: Kayhan@tmail.com
Phone: 205-422-8060


Current Mood: excited and nervous
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December 6th, 2006
09:45 pm


when i think about certain situations in my life right now i get sick. literally. my stomach feels like it's filling up with lead and gets so heavy and my face gets hot. its a process of frustration, disappointment, disbelief and then acceptance. accepting things you really don't want to.

i feel like i need to settle some things and tie up some loose ends before i go on tour in about a month. if i don't, they'll be the only things on my mind while i'm gone and i'll probably really regret it when i get back.

i've never gotten really personal on here or specific...

my biggest fear right now is thinking that by the time i get back from tour, i'll be so distant from katie. i already feel pretty distant because we don't really feel the same way about each other anymore. sometimes i feel like i've totally lost her and it scares the hell out of me. i always have so much i want to say to her built up inside but i just don't have the balls to do it because chances are i won't get the response i need. shit sucks.

this all probably sounds depressing as hell, but i'm trying to keep my fucking chin up.

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: damnation a.d.

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November 24th, 2006
10:30 pm


how did everything get so fucked up?
When the thing you want the most seems just about unattainable, nothing else matters. Good things that come your way may ease the pain a bit, but only for a short period of time.

p.s. - the new die young has potential to be one of the best hardcore albums of 2007. lyrically and musically. this band is not hyped at all and doesn't get half the credit they deserve. everyone pick this one up when it comes out next year.

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November 12th, 2006
04:49 pm


everyday i'm hustlin
life is going pretty good right now but there are a lot of things plaguing my mind.

I'm broke as fuck right now. I spent $2,000 on a bass rig about a month ago and I put another $1,000 in an IRA/retirement fund. I have barely enough gas to make it to my house right now and $0 in my wallet. I'm pretty pissed that i'm missing Spanish Bombs and hanging out in Birmingham right now.

I spent all weekend in Auburn. Jonathan and I went down Friday night and hung out with everyone for Mike Watsons' 20th birthday. We sat around all day Saturday watching football and chilling out but we did have an insane encounter with some crazy wiggario/Honda racer types. Beer bottles were thrown ask me about it later if you want to hear the whole story. It was good seeing a bunch of people that i hadn't seen in a while, Gus and Nick especially.

Current Music: talking heads

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01:17 pm


jim croce knows what's up
Once we were lovers
But somehow things have changed
Now we're just lonely people
Trying to forget each other's names
Now we're just lonely people
Trying to forget each other's names

What came between us?
Maybe we were just too young to know
But now and then
I feel the same,
And sometimes at night I think
I hear you calling my name
Mm, mm, mm, these dreams
They keep me going these days

Once we were lovers
But that was long ago
We lived together then
And now we do not even say hello
We lived together then
And now we do not even say hello

Current Music: these dreams

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October 29th, 2006
09:57 pm


i'm on the rebound and her name is denial
so i've heard everyone's 2 cents on here about 50 times. that leaves us with about a dollar worth of bullshit words that don't hold any water, although i have seen some pretty wise statements from a few.

i've got my share of problems but you don't see me on here blabbing about them. i don't feel the need to make any of grief public although everyone probably already knows why i've been in a shitty mood a lot of the time lately. i figure i should just try to keep myself occupied as much as possible, that atleast keeps it out of my head for short periods at a time.

i might be taking off from school next semester to play bass in Die Young. It would be a good experience to go and see the country and take a break from here from a bit. It might help my clear my head.

Sometimes words aren't enough. Sometimes actions fall short. Perseverance sets us apart.

Current Music: holy ghost

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October 3rd, 2006
03:01 pm


Did you used to believe?
I was feeling the same way,
Squeezing dreams out of a fucking sound.
They stick around, they go away,
But none of you know a fucking thing about me.
Just go away she's fucking dead,
I said she's fucking dead!
My love stopped her breathing.
Now I'm chucking rocks at the fucking glass,
Because her love stopped breathing life into me,
And the songs that she sings are as dead as nails on the fucking shelf.
What happened to the times we stayed up all night and fucking fight?
Those were the days, dear, forgive me for holding on.
I was thinking about the times when no one cared,
And how you hated everything I fucking loved.
I don't give a fuck about any of you,
You'll come and go but you'll never mean a thing to her.
I loved the way she fucking sang in my headphones.

Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Current Music: Carry On

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October 2nd, 2006
12:08 am


still in denial. pathetic.
you really never know how much you have or how much something means to you until it's gone.

sometimes neutral words soften blows. even though you know what's really going on, hearing the truth really hurts.

don't expect things to work themselves out.

where do i go from here.

Current Music: deftones - change

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